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Rescue Historical Weather Data

Who we are

Open Data Rescue is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Victoria Slonosky with Robert Smith, Rachel Black and Lori Podolsky. We are engaged in and bring together the fields of historical climatology, information technology and archives.

What we do

Open Data Rescue seeks to preserve and make accessible historical weather observations held in various archival institutions. It does by capturing images of the historical documents and transcribing the data into a publicly accessible database for researchers and the general public.

Why Rescue Data?

Climate change has become one of the more important topics as we work together to protect our environment. To better understand the ways in which climate has changed over the years, decades and centuries, we need to capture and analyze historical weather data. Open Data Rescue plays a prominent role in the preservation and accessibility of weather data used in modelling and understanding climate changes from the early 1800s and onwards.